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Who is “Andrew E”

Andrew E Biography

Real Name: Andrew Ford Valentino Espiritu
Born: July 30, 1967
Alias: Andrew E, Pooch Maniwata
Accupation: Rapper, record producer and actor

Andrew Ford Valentino Espiritu better known as Andrew E, is a Filipino rapper, record producer and actor. He is best known throughout the Philippines for his 1990 debut hit single “Humanap Ka Ng Panget“.

In mid 1995, Andrew E founded an independent rap label named Dongalo Wreckords for the purpose of discovering and producing new rap talents, one of them being the rap group Salbakuta, with their debut single “S2upid Luv” becoming a best-seller and spawning a film starring Andrew E.

Andrew E¬†won a ‘Rap Album of the Year‘ award for his latest album Clubzilla at the 2010 PMPC Star Awards for Music.