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Who is Chill

Chill Biography

Name: Chill Rhansum
Born: May 11
Alias: Chill
Occupation: Rapper, music producer

Chill is the Artist, Music Producer, Label owner, Director and Producer of live events and President of Red Alert Live. Chill is known as one of the most successful rappers in the Philippines. Once signed to Sony Music for 2 albums, she produced and wrote most of her own music.

Chill also Produced tracks for other artists as well. She is responsible for the signing of 16 artists to major labels through her own record company ILL.IS.IT. Records. She supports all kinds of artists from Rock Bands, Dj’s, Models, and Music Producers. She enhances their careers with artist development, event promotions and executive production. Chill’s latest live event production for her company, RED ALERT LIVE, is the ‘Battle of the Beats‘, which has a Nordic franchise. She also runs ‘Toyko EDM Invasion‘, a Japanese themed dance music concert headlined by Tokyo’s most influential Dj and Producer, Dantz.