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Who is Hi-C

Hi-C Biography

Name: Honeyleen Concepcion-Rosaroso
Born: October 26, 1979
Alias: Hi-C
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress, model

Ever thought about asking how someone would fair 12 years in the business? A typical answer would be they’d probably wash out, lose touch or even look old. Not HI-C. Since becoming a household name with the breakout of Dice and k9 Mobbstarr, she took that opportunity to further her career and cross the social norms. Without leaving her multi-awarded Hiphop group, she started her own career as a solo artist with her own chart topping album Body Talk in 2009. The album owed its success to being unique and classy, added with her sultry performance, paved the way to her modeling career. Her first stint at a professional photo shoot was for Playboy Magazine‘s cover. With modeling in her bag, that did not stop her from acquiring much needed assets and skills. Through the years, shocked and astounded the public may have been. A testament that truly there is no persona like her, they have also warmed up to her character. Momentum is on her side. With a successful Manila based clothing line still in the business, HI-C has made yet another daring career move. She managed a then struggling Club Holic in Cebu. Under her watchful eye, the club would become one of the top clubs making her eventually one of the co-owners. When asked why she does daring career moves, HI-C answers “You would never know your full potential until push yourself to the limit.”

Thousands of followers later, as evident by her Facebook page. Ever present in the music scene with occasional single and music video releases, and working on an album covering dubstep, trap to progressive house. HI-C has truly become a woman of her own. Exuding confidence knowing she can always make something out of nothing. She hopes she also inspires other Filipino women to take full control of their destiny. Only stopping to appreciate where she came from and what she should do next.