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Ghetto Doggs

Ghetto Doggs, “Born to kill the Devil” Album

September 17, 1996 marks the introduction of one of most notorious group in Pinoy Rap, The Ghetto Doggs. It was this date when they released their debut studio album, Born To Kill The Devil under both Neo and Dongalo Wreckords, the premier Pinoy Rap label founded by Andrew E.

A supergroup, The Ghetto Doggs is led by Pooch (we all know who he is) and is composed of the various artists and groups under the said label mainly the first to third generations. Some of those who represented the group are from Madd Poets, El Latino and Chinese Mafia to Kruzzada, Salbakuta and more. The group is infamously known for their excessive use of profanity and diss tracks towards other Pinoy Rap artists/groups they had feud with. So infamous that there was even a group formed by a band of Pinoy Rap artists/groups to counter them but in the end failed to surpass them both lyrically and popularity.

The Ghetto Doggs released three studio albums with ‘Dear Critics’ as their final album under the collaboration of both Dongalo Wreckords and Sony Records.

Nevertheless, they will go down in the history of Pinoy Rap as one of the most notorious to enter the scene.


  • Pooch Maniwata
  • Jawtee
  • Cruzzito Uno
  • Charlie Mak
  • Oman B
  • Madkilla
  • YT of Indios
  • Supremo
  • Burubudok
  • Sapi
  • Anak ni Bakuko

Past Members:

  • Syke
  • Boogie
  • Uno
  • Tusok
  • Owpo
  • Lowkey
  • Quaizy
  • Jay Flava
  • Chi-Nigga
  • Caine
  • K-Ozz
  • D-coy
  • Twisted
  • Yella Fella
  • Kemikal Ali
  • Banong Bagsek aka Klutch-B
  • Simon
  • Chill