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Who is Gutsoji

Name: Gavin Favila
Born: December 20
Alias: Gutsoji
Reppin: LOCAL
Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer

Gavin Favila also known as “Gutsoji” Grew up in a small town of Cainta Rizal Philippines, He listens to different types of music but hip-hop is where he is really good at. His first genre back when he was 8th grade was Rock music where he and his friends used to listen too but few years later, he switch up to Rap music. People call him in his town “THE ONE MAN GANG” Because the way he Mixes his own music, create his own album art, his own Visualizer, write his own lyrics, pass his music to distribution, put himself to the Spotify by none but him self, and even Mural Painted his own room. Everything by himself. He is really an artist and a living proof that “You can do anything, just believe in your self, focus and you’ll see.”

Gutsoji is a very talented and a humble person, he always put his friends and family first before his self. He strive for his passion, he makes his own path and career, he loves what he is doing and no one can take that passion away from every living individual.