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Who is “Loonie”

Loonie Biography

Real Name: Marlon Peroramas
Born: December 18
Alias: Loonie, Marlon, Hari ng Tugma
Occupation: Rapper, songwriter

A lyrically gifted rapper, Loonie is respected in the rap and hip-hop circle and idolized by many. Loonie learned from the best in honing his rap skills in both English and Tagalog. At 16, he joined the “Rappublic of the Philippines” as group Stick Figgas with his best friend Ron Henley. In 2004, he was crowned Power Emcee 108 Battled Champion and became the undisputed Fliptop King. Loonie considers Fliptop as his hobby, however, it’s the same hobby that made him a YouTube sensation. Every Fliptop video Loonie puts out always gets a million or more hits.

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